Scott Wilk
"Tailor-made strategies, candidate training and the best follow through in the business. Capital Development Strategies is the gold standard."
Senator Scott Wilk
"There is no substitute for experience and the folks at Capital Development Strategies have more experience than all their competitors combined! Maybe that’s why they raise so much more than the others!"
Senator Andy Vidak
Andy Vidak
Marie Waldron
"I appreciate their hands on approach and attention to detail.  I think it is what sets them apart from everyone else."
Assemblywoman Marie Waldron
"It has been great to have another set of experienced eyes and ears in Sacramento."
Senator Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson
Tom McClintock
"Compare the results of CDS to their competitors. The choice is clear. CDS outraises everyone."
Congressman Tom McClintock
"Their advice on how to navigate the political waters in Sacramento has been invaluable to me."
Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham
Jordan Cunningham
Dante Acosta
"The CDS database is exceptional. It’s easy to use but produces powerful results. It keeps track of all my contacts, what was said, and what commitments were made."
Assemblyman Dante Acosta
"Experience counts and that is what you get with CDS. Their knowledge and expertise has equaled great results for me."
Senator Mike Morrell
Mike Morrell
Kevin Kiley
"The CDS database system has made a tremendous difference for me. It is easy to understand and keeps all my contacts organized and in one place."
Assemblyman Kevin Kiley
"Their insights and knowledge of all aspects of politics have been of enormous help to me. They are a crucial part of my team."
Assemblyman Jim Patterson
Jim Patterson
Jeff Stone
"Their fundraising software is great, but the personal service from the CDS staff is what makes the difference."
Senator Jeff Stone
"CDS provides services tailored to each client. I always feel like I’m getting service personalized to my needs."
Senator Ted Gaines
Ted Gaines
John Moorlach
"I am a satisfied CDS client because the bottom line is what counts to me. Their database and software keep the organized even more organized."
Senator John Moorlach